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Hi, I’m Rob Moulder, a Psychotherapist specializing in facilitatiing others to improve their quality of life and enjoy fast and long term results

I’ve developed a unique, practical and incredibly empowering course that can transform your quality of life way beyond what you may believe possible within 12 hours!

Over 20 years experience and trained by top U.K. Cognitive Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Ericksonian    Hypnotherapist, Stephen Brooks

                          Learn how to use NLP, hypnosis, body awareness and solution-focused approaches to:

                                             Quickly reduce stress, anxiety, depression & negative thoughts

                                          Experience a noticeable & long lasting improvement in how you feel

                                                             Empower others to feel more positive                                                          


                                                                           More effective than:

                                        Mindfulness - Meditation - Counseling - Therapy - Positive thinking


                                    No having to depend on groups, people or circumstances to feel happier

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