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At the age of 25 Rob began meditation classes, not realising they were the first steps to being indoctrinated into a religious cult (pre-internet). This decision and the consequences several months later cost him his relationship, many of his friends, job, home, physical and mental health and very nearly his life

The experience affected his psychological state to the point that for the following year he had extreme difficulty understanding the world he lived in and anyone in it. Reading a book, understanding a t.v. programme or having a simple conversation were some of the challenges that faced him. Rob also quickly discovered that other than being given prescription drugs to distract his mind, any professional help was of little practical use

Over the next few years his mind slowly began to repair itself, although he was left with anxiety, a high level of stress, paranoia, mood swings and little self confidence or awareness of self

Eventually after 10 years, Rob discovered self-help psychology and began to work on himself. He became a voracious reader, searching for answers for a better understanding of himself and others. He immersed himself in hypnosis, verbal & non-verbal communication techniques, positive thinking, solution-focused and self-image psychology

Rob discovered that many psychological and philosophical approaches although well intentioned, were little more than wishful thinking or exaggerated claims of little practical help, however he was fortunate enough to stumble across several techniques and learnings that worked extremely well, if applied correctly. As well as studying and experimenting psychology daily for 10 years, he read approx 200 autobiographies searching for clues for successful human behaviour

These learnings were the catalyst that allowed Rob to experience a second fundamental life transforming experience which he later discovered was called a 'peak experience' or self-actualized state

"Before my 2nd experience, I had been trying unsuccessfully to run the program of my mind, though aware there was a glitch which I had picked up following my 1st experience, though I did not know where it was or what to do about it. Then I accidentally stumbled upon the equivalent of an internal button that not only rebooted my whole system, it automatically updated the software as well so I began functioning much more effectively and efficiently on a conscious and unconscious level

All of my senses noticeably improved and I began experiencing a deep sense of joy, peace and love whilst being effortlessly fully present. This revelation went far beyond my previous comprehension of what life was. I experienced crystal clear clarity of mind, improved concentration and retention of information as well as an abundance of physical energy. Visually things appeared more colourful and detailed and I was more aware of being connected to nature and a universal energy. No aches, pains, worries or fears. Eckhart Tolle describes a very similar experience though whereas his experience appears permanent, my transformational phase lasted approx eighteen months before the intensity faded"


Because of these two experiences, Rob decided to study and gain professional qualifications to help others with psychological challenges. In 1998 Rob he received these in Cognitive Psychotherapy, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, training with the British Institute of Hypnotherapy at Regents College, Regents Park, London, learning from Stephen Brooks, the first person to introduce the hypnotic techniques of Milton Erickson into the U.K.

Since then Rob has specialized in solution-focused and positive self-image psychology, communication techniques, confidence building, stress management, phobias, fears and depression. He has worked with schizophrenia, sexual abuse, autism, O.C.D. stopping smoking and weight control

As well as having his own successful psychotherapy column published, Rob has helped clients improve their dating skills, recently featuring in a BBC1 documentary about social dynamic psychology as well as being interviewed for radio and national newspapers. One client left with P.T.S.D. after serving in Afghanistan having lost confidence approaching and interacting with women, learned how to confidently interact with 103 women in real life situations within 3 hours!

Rob has now created and runs a 6 week self development course called 'Happiness is a choice' which enables participants to become more psychologically independent, experience the freedom, to think and feel what they want, when they want, where they want as well as understand how to empower their friends and families to enjoy similar results