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What people say.


"I found Rob"s workshops to be very helpful. The atmosphere is always warm and

welcoming and I found the exercises enjoyable. Having suffered from group anxiety and low

self esteem it felt like a relief to be amongst other people I could relate to. Each week has a

different focus which is firstly introduced with some group input and followed by pair work

practice and feedback. Some time is always given to reviewing previous session techniques

and peoples experiences throughout the week.

The offer of telephone support given is extremely reassuring, just knowing it's there gives a

massive sense of being supported and no doubt could be a lifeline to those in severe

distress. I've experienced the full range of therapeutic intervention over 20 years or so

(both private and NHS provision) and have found attending these workshops to be the most

effective to date; Rob clearly puts his heart into helping others."

Sarah. Brighton

“The whole experience has not only been constructive and effective, but also fantastic fun!

Although slightly nervous initially, Rob quickly put me at ease, and within the first session

we began to make immediate progress. This process continued apace throughout the

following weeks, and I am thrilled to report that the end results could be described quite

literally as the beginning of a whole new life.

Rob's custom built cocktail of strategies have opened up whole new avenues of lateral

thought that allow me to bring a fresh, dynamic and positive approach to all manner of

challenging situations in life. The techniques that Rob has introduced me to during the

course are beautifully simple but, with practice, extremely effective.

In essence, they have provided me with a varied and adaptable psychological toolkit that

has enabled me to cross a crucial tipping point wherein I feel like I am in control of my own

life and not vice versa. I cannot overstate the implications of this! My personal development

is progressing like never before coupled with a vastly improved sense of well


Finally, I feel I should say a few words about Rob himself. Anybody who has met Rob would

agree, I'm sure, that he is his own best advert! He clearly feels passionate and committed

about his work, and is filled with energy and enthusiasm that is infectious to be around.

It’s been a pleasure Rob, thanks for everything.”

Dave. Brighton.

"I started the workshops having just finished NHS CBT Therapy and feeling quiet down

about my life. I'm 4 weeks into the workshops and I notice a real difference about how I

was feeling and how I have been able to move on with things. I also feel a lot happier and

much more positive now."

Lorraine. Brighton.

"These workshops have been really helpful in improving my quality of life on a daily basis. I

know how to choose to be happy and have fun doing it. The workshops are really fun,

interesting and very helpful. I've met some great people."

Lex. Brighton.

"The classes have been very useful, it helped me increase my awareness in what I say and

how I behave towards people. I would recommend everyone to attend even if it's just for

one class."

Reem. Brighton.

“A brilliant workshop that I would recommend to anyone!”

Kerry. Brighton.

"An excellent experience. Thank you."

T.M.C. Hove.

"Learning how to deal with criticism, was something I wish I had learnt a long time ago.

These sessions really do change how you think."

Bonnie. Brighton

'Try it. It really works."

Sally. Brighton.

"I'm much happier all around as I have a deeper understanding how to generate my own

happiness instead of reacting so much to events beyond my control. I not only have a clear

idea why most of my relationships failed, I’m in a far better position to experience

rewarding relationships now."

Benny L. Saltdean.

"Rob is doing a great job and service for the community. I've found the workshops to be

both lightening & stimulating."

Mark. Brighton.

"I always leave Brighton Workshops feeling much better than I did when I arrived. That

alone makes them incredibly worthwhile."

Lou. Brighton

"Rob makes the classes interesting by treating everyone as equals and allowing time for

each person to express themselves which is great for me because I can learn from others

experiences too."

Lloyd. Brighton.

"I found the techniques shown to me in the workshops were extremely beneficial, not only

in my day to day routines, but also in my line of work. I would recommend the workshops

to anyone wanting to develop themselves further."

Anon. Brighton.

"I was having difficulties with someone close to me and so decided to see Rob. I saw Rob

for a total of four sessions and I am pleased to say that not only has the problem I went

to him with cleared up, it's also had a major impact on my relationships with many other

people too. I'd just like to say thank you."

Susan H. Hove.

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything would work, though I was running out of options

and I wanted my marriage to work. After several sessions, arguments were no longer a

major issue. Once we became aware of more new choices in how to communicate with one

another, they started to fade away. This was the turning point for both of us. An extremely

valuable experience."

Marcus T. Islington.

"Working with Rob has been fun & a highly enlightening experience for me! I really wanted

to be in a relationship with someone, though no matter how hard I tried, it just wasn't

happening for me. I began to think there must be something wrong with me; I was

becoming quite cynical & fed up with life. I am now in a happy relationship."

Max S. Chelsea.

"Because of a few bad experiences in the past, I had lost a lot of my self confidence. I

spotted Brighton Workshops online and though I'd give it a try. My confidence has now

returned to me as well as knowing how to develop a positive attitude. Thanks."

Johnathan P. Essex.

"Rob has helped me change my life. I couldn't recommend his course enough!!!"

Alex. Brighton

"I managed to learn some very useful skills from Rob which has helped me to improve the

quality of my life in a very short time."

Murry C.

“I found it a very useful experience and will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

Zahra G.